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Below please find links to Lisa’s writings and interviews on other sites. She also offers free ebooks and free meditation podcasts here at Enlightened  Energetics. These are offered in the spirit of open sharing, but please be respectful and attribute or link back to anything you copy or share with others. Thank you!


Mommy Mystic Blog – writings on women’s spirituality, the chakras, energy healing, sexual trauma and abuse healing, feminine empowerment, spiritual parenting, mysticism and more.

Other Online Offerings:

Fall in Love With Your Feminine Power– online course offered through DailyOm

The Breathe Network – info on private energy work sessions for sexual trauma healing

Amazon Store – several book lists full of book recommendations by topic

Interviews/Press (a Sampling):

The Clearing – Interview about Addiction and the Role Energy Work and Meditation Can Play in Treatment

Energy Awareness Radio – Interview by T. Love about Women’s Energetics and Self-Care

Life Potentials RadioInterview by Diantha Harris w/ Lisa and Molly Boeder-Harris on Holistic Healing for Sexual Trauma and Abuse (Part 1)

Life Potentials Radio –  Interview with Diantha Harris and Molly-Boeder Harris on Holistic Modalities for Healing Sexual Trauma (Part 2)

MommasPearls BlogTalk Radio – Interview by Cynthia Litman on Winter Solstice and Women’s Energetics

Life Potentials RadioInterview by Diantha Harris on Women’s Energetics

Awakened Living RadioInterview by Janice Lundy on Meditation

Evolving BeingsInterview by Evita Ochel on the Spiritual Journey

MeditationHowInterview by Benjamin Dean at Meditation How

BlissChickEmbodyTalk Interview by Christine Reid at BlissChick

ChatAboutIt.comInterview by Michael Parness of Trend Success on Spirituality and Parenting(third of 4 interviewees)

BlogTalkRadioInterview by Amy Jewell of Cirkla on meditation, spirituality and social networking

HealthyLife.netInterview on radio internet show with Linda Koss on meditation

5 Minutes for MomInterview regarding Mommy Mystic blog


EzineArticles – Variations on some of the articles here are available for newsletter and ezine publication at EzineArticles.

Diva ToolboxShifting – Meditation for Busy Womenand Five Religions, Five Women Mystics

Working Mother magazine – 10 Minute-Meditations to Beat the Stress

South Bay Woman magazine – Three part-series on Meditation for Busy Women

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