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Monthly Guided Meditation – On Hiatus Summer 2014, will resume in the Fall

Offered one Sunday a month (except in months with a beach walk), these sessions are open to anyone and consist of guided meditation incorporating chakra work, breathing, visualization, chanting, and other modalities. Music is sometimes used, and other times not. Each session is different, and revolves around a theme, often connected to the time of year. A session might focus on releasing negative emotional patterns, creating new momentums, energy healing, empowering a particular chakra, or working through a meditation ‘block.’ A discussion about the spiritual journey, and related to the month’s theme, is also part of the session. Anyone is welcome, and both regular chairs and yoga chairs are provided, but feel free to bring your own cushion too. Registration is appreciated, but not required, and these sessions are offered on a donation basis, with a suggested amount of $10. On Hiatus for the summer, will resume in the Fall.
Note that these sessions are also listed at Meetup.Com – please join there if you are a member!)

Spring 2014 Meditation Retreat, Ojai, California, May 2-4, 2014

This weekend chakra meditation retreat will be held at the beautiful Calliote Canyon Center in Ojai, CA. Contemplative time is so essential to the spiritual journey, and this retreat will focus on providing you with strong communal spiritual support, as well as solitary journaling and meditation time. We will come together for meditation and discussion sessions centered on surfacing limiting emotional and mental patterns, and then you will continue your personal work on your own between sessions. We will integrate our meditation and inquiry work with walks in nature and elemental healing exercises. This is the perfect time to heal, assess, and inquire, as well as to to deepen your meditation practice.

Check-in for this retreat will be between 12 and 2 pm on Friday May 2nd, with our first meeting at 3pm. The retreat will conclude at 2pm on Sunday, May 4th. Retreat fee includes room for both nights, plus retreat tuition and supplies. It does not include transportation or food. However, we will help arrange carpools for those interested, and will be preparing our own food in the communal kitchen. Rooming options are:

  • Yurt Sleeping, no attached bath – $400
  • Shared Room (2-4 beds per room), Main House $500
  • Single Room in Main House or Cottage $550

All room options are first come, first serve. A $50 deposit will be requested upon registration. Non-refundable after March 2nd. Click here to register (you will be contacted for room choice separately)

Fall 2014 Meditation Retreat, Springdale, Utah – October 16 – 19, 2014

Join Lisa in beautiful Springdale, Utah, just outside Zion National Park for 3 days and 3 nights of walking in nature, meditation, soul-searching, and empowerment. Zion is a deeply healing and spiritual power spot, that Lisa has spent much time in and conducted several retreats at. We will come together for both indoor and outdoor sessions, often meditating on the elements and using the special natural energies of the area to facilitate release and shifts. We will also get together at night for special ‘starlight’ meditations. These retreats help to open your awareness in profound and lasting ways.

This retreat will begin at 6pm on Thursday, October 16th, and end at noon on Sunday the 19th. Retreat fee includes room for 3 nights, plus retreat tuition and supplies. It does not include transportation or food. However, we will help arrange carpools for those interested in driving, and pooled car rentals for those who choose to fly (Las Vegas is about 2 1/2 hours away, or St. George, UT is 45 minutes.) We will be boarding and meeting at the Springdale Hampton Inn and Suites, prices are:

  • $650 Single Room
  • $500 Double Room (Shared with 1 other person)

A $50 deposit required upon registration, refundable until 7 days before retreat. Click here to register (you will be contacted for room choice separately)

1-Year Spiritual and Intuitive Development Intensive Program, March 2014 – February 2015

This 1-year intensive is for those who feel drawn to deep spiritual work with Lisa for a prolonged period. She has offered similar programs in the past, but for the first time will make this program available to those not able to attend in person. A monthly daylong Sunday session forms the core of the course, and this will be recorded for those unable to attend in person. In the first session, all participants will be taught the chakra and mindfulness-based meditation techniques that will form the foundation for personal meditation practice. Aspects of the program are:

  • Commitment to daily meditation, minimum of 20 minutes.
  • One daylong (7 hour) teaching session each month (this will also be available as a recorded teleseminar for those unable to attend in person.) These will mostly be on Sundays, with occasional switches to Saturdays, if this is amenable to all participants.
  • Two 1-hour private phone sessions with Lisa over the course of the year.
  • 1 daylong home mini-meditation retreat. Lisa will provide the schedule for this, but you will do it on a day of your choice, and write about it to her.
  • Attendance at either the Ojai or Utah retreats (both is even better!) Cost for these retreats is separate – see above for dates and costs.
  • If you do not attend both retreats, during the weekend of the one you do not attend, you will do another at-home day long meditation ‘mini-retreat’.

The tuition will be $50 a month, plus whichever retreat(s) you choose to do. Note that you do not need to do this program in order to attend one of the retreats. The work in the daylong session will vary each month, but each quarter will have a theme:

March/April/May – Magic and Joy: The spiritual journey can become ponderous and over-intellectual. In this first phase of program, we will focus on breaking old patterns and awakening the kundalini to shake ourselves loose of old ways of thinking and being.

June/July/August – Inquiry and Gifts: During this phase of the program, we will engage in practical exercises to connect more deeply with natural mystic gifts such as seeing, dreaming, healing and manifesting. We will ground our work in personal inquiry to assure it does not become ego-centric, but is instead rooted in our desire to awaken.

September/October/November - Gifts and Service: In the Fall, we will continue to focus on gift development, while each participant takes on a personal ‘service’ project, designed to engender healing or awakening energy in some way within the world. The size of this project will not be the issue, but rather the intent that one brings to it, which will serve as a teaching tool.

December/January/February – Awakening: In the final quarter of the program, we will turn inward once again, to process the shifts and insights that have arisen. We will look inward for ego patterns that are limiting our view, and connect deeply once again to the kundalini.

Tuition for the program is $50 a month, which includes all recordings, materials, the two private sessions, and participation in a private forum. It does not include retreat fees (one retreat is required – see above.) If you are interested in this program, please contact Lisa through the Contact form or leave a message at 866-847-9807. Requests to participate will be accepted through February.

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