Lisa currently has three FREE E-books available for download:

Healing the Subtle Body Wounds of Sexual Trauma and Abuse

Healing the Subtle Body Wounds of Sexual Abuse and TraumaThis FREE E-book is a self-guided energy healing program for healing the subtle body wounds of sexual trauma and abuse in women. Consisting of 10 energy healing practices including journaling, meditation, and visualizations, this program is designed to help you gently surface and heal energetic issues in your chakras (energy centers), and then to help you connect with your sacral (second) chakra – the seat of feminine power – in a new and empowered way. This program is not meant to replace therapy or any other healing support, but may augment that for you, if you are interested in working at an energetic level. No prior chakra experience or knowledge is necessary, and guided audio files are provided to help you along if you would like to use them.

You can read an excerpt from the Introduction and Table of Contents here, or download in one of these formats:

Download in PDF Format (from Lisa’s Blog Mommy Mystic)

Download the book in other E-reader formats (Kindle, Nook, Ipad, Epub etc.) at Smashwords.com

Introduction to the Chakras and Chakra Meditation (Coming Soon)

This little E-book is a compilation of articles originally posted at Lisa’s blog Mommy Mystic, or as part of her Energetics column at MeditateLikeAGirl.com. It begins with a general overview of the chakras and chakra meditation, and then features more detailed articles on each of the 7 core chakras, along with links to accompanying podcasts that you may access to experience these meditations directly yourself.

Introduction to Buddhism and Buddhist Meditation

IntroBuddhismShopCoverThis is a FREE BellaOnline E-book – a compilation of some of Lisa’s articles from the Buddhism site at BellaOnline.com. It is meant to be an introduction to Buddhism and Buddhist practices for non-Buddhists. It is non-sectarian, focused on the teachings shared by all Buddhist traditions, and includes meditation practices (along with step-by-step instructions) drawn from the major branches. Major topics include the Buddha’s life story, basic Buddhist teachings, some Buddhist history, and an introduction to various Buddhist meditation methods. Personal exploration sections are included throughout the book to help you discover how Buddhist teachings may be relevant to your own life.

Download in PDF format here (you will need to register with BellaOnline and access the E-book from there, but your email will not be used for any other purpose.)