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Energy Work for Sexual Trauma and Abuse Teleseminar

This class is offered twice a year. The next Offering for this teleseminar is:

4 Sundays October 18th – November 8th 9am – 10:30 PST (participate live or by recording in your own time during each week)

These four sessions offer guided energy healing work for women survivors of sexual abuse, trauma, or disempowerment. Each class focuses on specific chakras (energy centers), although no prior knowledge of chakras is required. In each session, you will first learn about the chakra(s) of focus for that week, and learn the emotional and energetic patterns associated with sexual traumatic experiences. You will then be guided through gentle meditations and energy work to help you identify these patterns within yourself, heal, and empower. The course is based on women’s energetics – the unique ways that a women’s energy system functions and responds to trauma – and feminine empowerment is the foundation for the work. You may listen to each call live on Sundays, or later by mp3 recording.

A private online forum serves as a powerful means of sharing experiences and asking questions between sessions (although participation in the forum is optional and/or you may participate anonymously if you wish.) As with all of Lisa’s sexual trauma energy work, this course is not meant to be used as a replacement for counseling or mental health support, but may complement such work, and provide valuable follow-up healing for those interested in exploring energy healing, and those looking for an integrated mind-body-spirit approach to recovery. All sessions are trauma-sensitive, with many choices as to the level and pace at which each participant may choose to engage.

Sessions Include:

October 18th – Empowering Your Foundation: Learn the basics of women’s energetics and your feminine chakra system, and begin to connect deeply with your first or root chakra. Surface and release energies locked in your root chakra preventing you from feeling safe, secure, grounded, and connected to your body. Explore ways that disassociation may play out for you. Identify any problematic familial energy roots, and create new roots based on nature, your support structure, spirituality, and whatever you value most. Rebuild a sense of trust, grounding, and foundation through deep first chakra work.

October 25th – Releasing Shame, Allowing Joy: Explore the themes of your second chakra, seat of a women’s energy body and feminine power. Identify patterns of shame, guilt, self-blame and unworthiness preventing you from owning your joy and power fully. Identify any emotional lids you may have on your emotional expression, and your relationship to your own sensual and sexual energy. Face these emotions with acceptance and nurturing, and reawaken your sacral feminine energies to reclaim the creative and emotional powers innate to your second chakra.

November 1st – Owning Your Power and Voice: Let go of any blocks to your power, or to the tendency to ‘go it alone’ without a sense of flow or energetic support. Focus on reconnecting your first and second chakra to your third chakra, and then on asserting this newfound power through a strong sense of self, including as a way of expressing yourself in the world through your throat chakra.

November 8th – Envisioning and Opening to a New Future: To integrate all of the work you have done and to move you into the future, this class focuses on heart chakra and third eye work, to help you envision and open to new possibilities in your life.

Class fee of $50 includes all materials, recordings, and access to the private forum. As with all of Lisa’s teleseminars, you may listen live each Sunday by calling into a toll-free conference call number that is provided to you, or you may download the posted mp3 recording that is provided after the call and listen to it any time during your week. Individuals who have taken this course before may take it again for $25.

Lisa is committed to keeping these teleseminars financially accessible – please use the contact form to inquire about sliding scale options. Otherwise, register here:

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For more information on Lisa’s sexual abuse and trauma energy and chakra work, please visit her Resource page.