Women’s Energetics

Be sure to check out Lisa’s new book and corresponding web seminar, both of which are based upon the specifics of the feminine energy body.

Women’s Energetics is based on the subtle body characteristics of the feminine energy body. Although within the two primary subtle body mappings, the meridians and the chakras, men and women share many of the same features, there are energetic differences, just as there are differences between men’s and women’s physical bodies. For women, energetic shifts occur along with the major reproductive life phases – menstruation, pregnancy, motherhood, perimenopuase, and menopause. Each of these phases brings profound energetic changes, along with the physical and psychological changes we are more familiar with. Learning to work with these energetic shifts can aid your health, personal development, and spiritual journey.

Lisa has developed a sliding-scale DailyOM course specifically designed to help you understand and connect with your feminine energy body:

Awakening Your Feminine Chakras – Women’s Energetics Course– 8- week course offered through DailyOM to heal, empower, and awaken your feminine subtle body. Includes print materials, video and audio guided meditations and energy work.

Lisa has incorporated and expanded upon her Women’s Energetics work in her new book Chakra Empowerment for Women and is offering a  corresponding web seminar that will incorporate much new guided work for sexual trauma survivors.

Articles, Interviews, and Resources:

Please visit Lisa’s author site for many interviews on women’s energetics.

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