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Revitalize Your Feminine Energy Body

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Are you ready to manifest your goals?

Working energetically is the missing link you need! Your energy body is the intersection between your mind, body, and spirit – bring all of them into alignment with your goals through Lisa’s free webinar. Learn an approach you can use again and again.

Manifesting Through Your Chakras

Align and Empower Your Dreams

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Do you know how to work with your energy body as part of your goal plan?


Whether you seek greater health, financial security, a new job, a business, a relationship, personal growth, or any other dream, manifesting is about more than setting goals, visualizing, and making a plan. Often we carry fears, old beliefs, or blocks that inhibit our ability to move forward. Working at the energy body level shifts your vibration into a state that attracts and supports your dream. 

What are the signs you can benefit from this approach?

If you’re experiencing any of the above, it’s time to learn how to align and empower your energy body with your dreams.

In This Free Class, You'll...

Ready to work energetically and manifest your dreams?

Presented by Lisa Erickson

Hi! I’m Lisa Erickson, a chakra-based energy worker, author of Chakra Empowerment for Women, and teacher specializing in women’s energetics and sexual trauma healing.

I’ve been working with energy teachings for over 30 years, and specifically refining energy tools for women for 15.  I’ve trained in many energy healing modalities and am certified in multiple modalities as well as in trauma sensitivity..

In my deep study of the chakras, I’ve discovered that there are important differences in the feminine energy body that never quite made it into many teachings on them…

…And throughout my career, I’ve sought to change that.

Now, I’m so excited to share these groundbreaking teachings with you and help you apply them to empower and align your feminine energy body with your goals.

Working energetically is the missing piece for many women when working to manifest their goals.

You possess an energy technology that many different spiritual and healing traditions around the world have described and connected to.

Learning to use this technology is your birthright, and I strive to help you do so in this new class.

Don’t miss this empowering experience!

Praise For Lisa's Work

Meryl Davids Laudau

“Lisa Erickson takes women on a masterful journey to getting unstuck so we can evolve to the next level of our being.”

Meryl Davids Landau, Author of Warrior Won

“Lisa offers us a way to work with our mind and body holistically through our energy anatomy. These guided exercises can be used in combination with other healing modalities or on their own, allowing us each to tailor them to our individual needs. Women of all backgrounds will find something of value in these tools.”

Madisyn Taylor, Cofounder of DailyOM and author of Unmedicated: The Four Pillars of Natural Wellness

“I am extremely grateful to Lisa Erickson for exploring the distinctly female energetics within the chakra system to create tools for women to heal from abusive power.”

Becca Chopra, Author of The Chakra Energy Diet: The Right Food, Relaxation, Yoga & Exercise to Look and Feel Your Best

Your energetic empowerment starts now.