Free Guided Meditations

Below are free guided meditations and energy work exercises that Lisa has created over the years. They are all chakra based and offered in an mp3 format. You may listen to them from your computer using the embedded player, or use the Download link to save them on your computer.

Please note that in Lisa’s book Chakra Empowerment for Women she provides more detailed guidance on specific contemplative techniques for healing the subtle body through energy work meditations. The book website includes corresponding mp3s for book owners. If you find Lisa’s meditations helpful, you may wish to purchase her book and consider the corresponding web seminar.

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: If you are using the download link (as opposed to just listening to them on the embedded player), the steps you will need to take differs slightly depending on your computer and browser type. In most cases you will either 1) RIGHT click on the recording link and then do a ‘save as’ or ‘save link/file as’ to download it to your computer, OR 2) regular click and it will load into another browser tab or window. From there once it starts playing you can pause it and do a Browser ‘Save As’ or ‘Save File/Page’ to download it. Note that there may be a delay when you click on it before it loads and starts playing, and you won’t be able to save it until then.

Go here for the podcasts created to accompany the Healing the Subtle Body Wounds of Sexual Trauma E-Book.

Guided Chakra Meditation Podcasts

Most of these were originally posted on Lisa’s blog, Mommy Mystic. Visit there for articles and resources related to these meditations.

7 Chakra Meditation with Affirmations:

Downloadable Version

Basic 7 Chakra Walkthrough

Downloadable Version

Basic 4 Chakra Walkthrough (Navel, Heart, Third Eye, Crown)

Downloadable Version

7 Chakra Lotus Variation

Downloadable Version

 Bliss Meditation – 2nd and 4th Chakras

Downloadable Version

Nature Elements and the Chakras

Downloadable Version

Chakra Meditation for Kids

Downloadable Version

 “I Breathe In, I Breathe Out” Chakra Meditation

Downloadable Version

Boundary/Protection Visualization

Downloadable Version

Feminine Energy Body ‘Yin’ Chakra Meditation

Downloadable Version

Chakra Meditation Series – All Include FREE MP3s –

Root Chakra Meditation – Healing and Empowering

Sacral Chakra Meditation – Gateway To Passion

Third Chakra Meditation – Owning Your Power

Heart Chakra Meditation – Opening to the World

Throat Chakra Meditation – Finding Your Voice

Third Eye Meditation – Empowering Your Wisdom and Intuition

Crown Chakra Meditation – Let Go Into Your True Essence

Connection and Expansion – Meditating with a 12 Chakra System

Eighth Chakra Meditation – Beyond Time and Space

Ninth Chakra Meditation – Symbols and Soul Plans

Tenth Chakra Meditation – Breathing with Earth

Eleventh Chakra Meditation – Exploring Mudras

Twefth Chakra Meditation – YOU as a Chakra

Kundalini Series:

Connecting with Your Kundalini

The Stages of Kundalini Shifts

Kundalini Rising in Women