Throat Chakra Meditation – Finding Your Voice

The fifth, or throat, chakra is perhaps the most misunderstood chakra – which is ironic since it is linked with understanding and being understood. Located in our throat, it is associated with speech, and our ability to communicate. But this chakra represents so much more! It is also linked to our ears, and our ability … Read more

Heart Chakra Meditation – Opening to the World

Next in this series is the fourth, or heart, chakra. It may sound cliché these days to say that in order to love others, and receive love from them, we must first love ourselves, but when we explore deeply what this really means, we are walking the path of the heart chakra. In many ways, … Read more

Own Your Power – Working With Your Third Chakra

It’s June, and for most of us (in the northern hemisphere anyway) this means summer! The sun is at its highest, the days at their longest, and light and heat prevail. It’s the perfect time to work with our third chakra, as the element of this chakra is fire, and it is in fact linked … Read more

Embracing Your Second Chakra – Gateway to Passion

Next up in this chakra series is the second chakra, our feminine chakra – because this chakra is the source point for our feminine or yin energies, and of our related emotional, creative, sensual, and sexual energies. It’s also the root of the feminine energy body – essentially the ‘root’ chakra in women’s subtle bodies … Read more

Healing and Empowering Your Root Chakra

This is the first post in a series on the chakra system that I work with. It consists of guided meditations and energy healing exercises that any women can use to work with her own energy, or subtle, body. I believe that all of us can learn to work with our chakras (energy centers) for … Read more