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Sexual Healing Trauma

Energy healing work addresses the ‘whole person’ – mind, body, energy body, and spirit – and can be a wonderful resource for women survivors of sexual abuse or trauma. Discover resources and offerings to help you on your healing journey.

Women’s Energetics

Women’s Energetics is based on women’s subtle anatomy, and practices and tools that women can employ to heal, empower, and awaken themselves. Through women’s energetics work, you can learn to work with your changing energy at every life stage.


Whether you are interested in meditation for stress management, health improvement, personal development, or spiritual growth, there is a meditation technique right for you. Explore classes, resources, and retreats to meet your needs.

"Working with Lisa was life- changing for me. I had never done anything like this before, but I had felt creatively blocked for a long time, and had tried to work through it in a number of ways. Her feminine empowerment class connected me to my creative energies in a way I never expected, and helped me clear internal blocks to moving forward that I never knew I had….I can't thank her enough!"

Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Lisa's knowledge of women's energy body teachings is unparalleled. I have been an energy healer and reiki practitioner for years, and had never encountered many of the teachings she introduced me too. It helped me sort through several health issues of my own, and I now incorporate it into my work with clients."

Los Angeles, CA

"As a childhood sexual abuse survivor, I have been in and out of many counseling and healing settings over the years. Lisa's approach opened me up to a whole new way of working, for which I am forever grateful. I feel like I am owning my sexual energy and body for the first time."


"If anyone reading this is on the fence about joining [Lisa's feminine empowerment course], I have taken it and it was life-changing. I can't recommend it highly enough. Lisa is a knowledgeable, supportive, passionate, and articulate teacher."

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