Preparing for a Session

If you are doing a private session with a specific goal in mind, you may send an email beforehand to Lisa providing some information. Describe your goal or healing purpose, any prior therapy, medical, or healing work you have done related to it, and any other relevant background. It is also helpful to include your age, relationship status and ages of any children you have, particularly if you are doing women’s energetics work (although of course this is entirely optional.) All emails are read only by Lisa and kept completely confidential.

For your actual private session, it’s helpful to set aside contemplative time both before and after your session. Choose a quiet and private place for the call, where you will have no interruptions, and can completely relax. The more safe, private, and comfortable that you feel, the more deeply you will be able to settle into the energy work. Spend some time prior to the call organizing your thoughts for the discussion part of the call. Make sure your phone is charged, and you may want to keep a small notebook with you to jot down notes after the session.

Sessions are structured into the following segments:

  • Guided Tune-In Meditation (5 minutes) – Led by Lisa
  • Discussion (20-30 minutes)
    This is where you share what you would like to work on. If you have already shared some background on this by email prior to the call, or if you have worked with Lisa before, she may ask you to respond to specific questions. Throughout this discussion, Lisa may ask you to tune into specific emotions or energies related to your sharings.
  • Healing and Energy Work (25 – 35 minutes)
    Here Lisa will guide you through a variety of guided healing work. This may include emotional release work, chakra opening, grounding or reorienting, energetic boundary work, energetic line cutting work, subtle body empowerment work, and more.
  • At the end of the call Lisa will suggest follow-up work, which often includes repeating exercises from the energy work portion of the class on your own. You will be sent an mp3 file of your call to aid you in this. Questions by email afterwards are always welcome.