Sexual Trauma and Abuse Healing

Far too many women suffer some form of sexual trauma, abuse, or harassment in their lifetime. Many suffer in silence, as social and cultural support for their healing process is hard to find. Others do engage in therapy, counseling, or other mental health treatment. A growing awareness of the needs of sexual trauma and abuse survivors has arisen in recent decades within the holistic health fields. This includes many different alternative medicine and energy healing modalities.

Lisa’s own work is focused on chakra and energetic release and healing for trauma and abuse survivors. Sexual abuse and trauma most directly impact the lower chakras in the chakra subtle anatomy, and for women, the impact of this may manifest in in any number of ways. While chakra and energy healing work is never a substitute for qualified mental health support, many women may find that guided energy work is a valuable part of their healing process. To that end, Lisa has written Chakra Empowerment for Women and is offering a corresponding web seminar that will incorporate much new guided work for sexual trauma survivors.

Lisa is also a provider with The Breathe Network, a non-profit resource and referral network connecting abuse and trauma survivors with holistic health practitioners. You can read more about her abuse and trauma private session work on The Breathe Network site, as well as look for other holistic practitioners that work with trauma and abuse survivors: The Breathe Network – Lisa Erickson


Articles, Interviews, and Resources:

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Meditation and Trauma Sensitivity – Recording of free teleseminar offered by Lisa through The Breathe Network (part of an ongoing series of teleseminars offered by many different practitioners)

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