Private Sessions

In a private one-hour phone or Zoom audio session, you will be guided through subtle body release work, chakra (energy center) activations, emotional release work, subtle body healing work, and/or Feeding Your Demons, in which Lisa is certified, depending on what you would like to address. 

Some examples of issues suitable for sessions with Lisa are:

Energy work related to past trauma or abuse. This kind of work is not a replacement for therapy or medical treatment, but may aid in moving the healing deeper. Our subtle body stores memories and develops blocks based on past experience. Energy work can help combine the insights gained through traditional ‘talk therapy’ with physical and energetic healing to help ‘repattern’ ingrained responses linked to past trauma.

Shifting between life phases. Whenever we experience change in our lives, whether due to a shift in circumstance, or a natural life passage such as pregnancy, new parenthood, or menopause, our energy body needs to adjust. Guided energy work can help you release the past and empower a new direction. Lisa uses her women’s energetics knowledge in particular for this work when relevant.

Releasing old relationships or patterns. The healing and spiritual journeys both involve letting go of the past, and of patterns or wounds that have arisen as the result of past conditioning and events. Energy work can help you find where limiting emotional patterns are stored in your subtle body, and aid you in letting them go once and for all.

Seeking clarity and manifesting. Sometimes we know we need a new direction in our lives, but can’t quite see clearly what it should be. Energy work can help you clear away blocks and imagine new potential futures. Then it can help you to plant the energetic seeds, and create the momentum necessary, to truly ‘grow’ that new future.

What to Expect In A Private Session

Lisa uses several different modalities in her work. Many are chakra-based, arising from both meditation and energy healing traditions that work with the chakras. Others are based in her training in somatic healing, and as a mindfulness instructor. She is also a certified Feeding Your Demons facilitator, through Lama Tsultrim Allione, the creator of this method. Lisa will talk with you about what approach might work best for your needs.

Private phone or zoom audio sessions are scheduled for one hour. You will be provided with a zoom audio link to utilize for your session that you may access through wifi or by phone. If you prefer phone or another method, please let Lisa know.

Normally, initial sessions are structured into the following segments:

  • Guided Tune-In Energy Body Activation (5 minutes) – Led by Lisa
  • Discussion (20-30 minutes)
    This is where you share what you would like to work on. If you have already shared some background on this by email prior to the call, or if you have worked with Lisa before, she may ask you to respond to specific questions. Throughout this discussion, Lisa may ask you to tune into specific emotions or energies related to your sharings.
  • Healing and Energy Work (25 – 35 minutes)
    Here Lisa will guide you through a variety of guided healing work. This may include emotional release work, chakra opening, grounding or reorienting, energetic boundary work, energetic line cutting work, subtle body empowerment work, Feeding Your Demons, and more.
  • At the end of the call Lisa will suggest follow-up work, which often includes repeating exercises from the energy work portion of the class on your own. If you opt to have your session recorded, you will be sent an audio file of your call to aid you in this through the secure file sharing site Hightail. Questions by email afterwards are always welcome.

The discussions and work of all calls are completely confidential.