Do you know how to use your energy body?

7 Week Women's Energetics Intensive

Chakra-based work to empower your boundaries, release limiting beliefs, manifest goals, heal trauma, and utilize your cycles and phases

Nov 5 – Dec 17

Early Bird Special only $109

Payment plans and sliding scale available

Unlock the full power of your energy body! 

This class is unlike any other chakra class, based on the power of your feminine energy body.

Your energy body IS the bridge between your mind, body, and spirit…

…there is no better investment you can make in yourself than to learn to work with it in a more conscious and empowered way. 

Feel like it's time to go deeper?

Often activation energy work is the MISSING LINK when it comes to the most pervasive issues we face today as women…

…If you’ve struggled to shift through traditional methods, you’re not alone. Learn techniques you can use anywhere, anytime.

Classes are held by Zoom on Sundays 10am – 12pm Pacific Time. Join from anywhere in the world! All classes are recorded and yours to keep if you cannot attend live. In addition, 2 Bonus sessions will be scheduled for additional Q&A based on a vote so EVERYONE gets a chance to attend live at some point!

Many clients come to me saying, “I’ve gained a lot from therapy and personal development work, but now I need something more…”

They’ve mined the past and they understand the narrative — but they haven’t been able to shift their response in daily life.

Energy work is the key. You carry an inner energetic technology that’s more powerful than you know.

You may already know that your chakras are energy centers that link mind, body, and spirit — 

But what you’re likely not aware of are the unique differences between your feminine and masculine energy —

— And you may never have been taught practices that allow you to access and use the inner power of both at any moment. 

THIS WOMEN'S ENERGETICS INTENSIVE is designed to teach you the energetic tools to access the power of your chakras in the moment and step into situations in your life more powerfully.

(Think of it as Mindfulness 2.0. 😉)

Within this groundbreaking online course, you’ll learn 12 Chakra Empowerments based on the feminine energy body and life phases to maximize your self-healing capacity, manifesting abilities, intuition, and spiritual insight.

You’ll set a personal transformation, healing, or manifestation goal, and have 14 weeks of support to help you achieve it.

Each class also includes distance healings and energy clearings in addition to the instructional material.

(That’s the equivalent of 14 hours of private energy work sessions!)

What's Included?*

Your course includes:

*Please note that pricing does NOT include purchase of the book version of Chakra Empowerment For Women, which is required. The book is available for purchase in print, digital or audio form through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound or Llewellyn Publishing. You may purchase digitally or a print copy. The course is not a repeat of the book – it covers much more material, but uses the book as a base foundation. 

What Makes This Course So Unique?

While there are many courses on the chakras, few will teach you about specific variations in women’s subtle bodies AND how to work with them effectively in your day-to-day life. Learning to effectively shift your vibration ‘on the spot’ is essential to energetic health and manifesting.

You’ll also learn to work with chakra differences for women during menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and more — as well as techniques for better energetic boundaries, stress management, and goal achievement.

In addition, this course offers tools for sexual trauma healing, an important and necessary aspect of many women’s growth right now.

Know that this course is taught within a trauma-sensitive environment, and you’ll have all the resources you need to experience the course in the way that suits you best.

Ready to Own Your Power?

Next Start Date November 5th, 2023

Only $109 (1 or 2 payments) for more than 15 hours of live teachings and energy work, constant individual support, and the recordings are yours to keep forever as a resource! This is over $500 less than the same received piecemeal. Installation Plans and sliding scale available, please inquire.

Lisa Erickson takes women on a masterful journey to getting unstuck so we can evolve to the next level of our being.

– Meryl Davids Landau, Author of Warrior Won

Meet Your Teacher

Hi! I’m Lisa Erickson, a chakra-based energy worker, author of the book Chakra Empowerment for Women, and teacher specializing in women’s energetics and sexual trauma healing.

I’ve been working with energy teachings for over 30 years, and specifically refining these tools for women for 15.  I’ve trained in many energy healing modalities and am certified in multiple modalities as well as in trauma sensitivity.

In my deep study of energy work, I’ve discovered that there are important differences in the feminine energy body that never quite made it into many teachings…

…And throughout my career, I’ve sought to change that.

What I want you to realize is that within you is an energy technology that many different spiritual and healing traditions around the world have described and connected to.

Learning to use this inner technology is your birthright, and it would be my honor to teach you.

This course takes the powerful teachings I put together in my book, Chakra Empowerment For Women, and helps you apply them in real-time within a safe and supportive environment. I’ll offer a deeper look at the book material, and additional variations of the tools, along with distance healing transmissions related to each theme.

You’ll relate to your energy body in an entirely new way, and have practical tools to carry with you for the rest of your life.

I’d love to have you there.

Lisa Erickson


Live classes will be every Sunday 10am-12pm PST via Zoom (accessible via internet or phone) starting November 5th, 2023. Sessions are recorded for those not able to attend live, and yours to keep! In addition, 2 Bonus sessions will be scheduled based on a vote to accommodate those whose schedule or time zone does not permit them to attend Sundays live.  Both video and audio recordings will be posted within one hour of class ending. Lisa will answer questions daily in the private course forum and by email – you can participate anonymously if you so wish. Many women from around the world have successfully participated in this course through the recordings, so don’t worry if you can’t attend live.

Yes, Chakra Empowerment for Women will be used as the course book and is available for order now through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound or Llewellyn Publishing, in either Digital, Print or Audiobook format.

Pricing for the course does not include book purchase, which is required. The course is not a repeat of the book however, it offers much additional material and distance healings. While the book will be used as a foundation, the course goes far beyond the book content.

The course fee includes all class handouts, live course access, recordings (both video and audio, which are yours to keep), and 7 weeks of access to our private class forum within which Lisa will respond to questions directly daily. With the bonus breakout sessions (which will be scheduled based on group vote) the course includes almost 20 hours of live sessions. Lisa will conduct many energy clearings and distance healings during this time.

No prior chakra knowledge is needed to participate in this course. However, if you have prior chakra knowledge, you will no doubt learn new tools and approaches related to trauma, the feminine energy body, women’s energetics cycles, daily activation and more.

As an energy worker who specializes in working with survivors of sexual assault, Lisa is aware of your unique needs and strives to create a safe environment for transformation.

All material is presented in a trauma-sensitive way, but is not meant to serve as a replacement for qualified mental health or medical treatment.

If you are under the care of a qualified mental health or medical practitioner, please consult with them to determine if this offering is appropriate for you.

Lisa is committed to sliding scale offerings, particularly for sexual trauma survivors. If you feel this course would be beneficial to you and cannot participate for financial reasons, please contact us here to discuss.

Bring Forth the Empowering Energies of Your Energy Body

Next Start Date November 5th, 2023

Participate from anywhere in the world!
$109 ($500 value!) – 1 or 2 payments
Other payment plans and sliding scale available, please inquire

Couse Overview

Curious what you’ll learn in Chakra Empowerment For Women? Take a peek at what we’ll cover in each of the 7 sessions!

SESSION 1: Understanding Your Energy Body and Empowering Your Foundation

  • How the Chakra Empowerments differ from other chakra methods, and how you can get the most from them
  • Using the Chakra Empowerments for immediate vs. long-term shifts
  • Women’s Energetics’ relevance to you in your life phase
  • Guidance on working with the Chakra Empowerments to aid sexual trauma healing
  • Incorporating trauma sensitivity while working with your chakras
  • Detailed guidance for working with the first Chakra Empowerment, Root Bowl
  • When and how to utilize the Root Bowl within your life
  • Body image vs. body love
  • Developing safety and presence as a trauma survivor
  • Q&A

SESSION 2: Your Feminine Base and Personal Power

  • Feminine energy body variations – identifying yours
  • Understanding the second Chakra Empowerment, the Sacral Lotus
  • When and how to utilize the Sacral Lotus in your life
  • Surfacing personal vs. societal limitations to your feminine power
  • Releasing shame and reconnecting to pleasure
  • Differentiating second and third chakra forms of power and manifesting
  • How masculine and feminine power have been defined, and implications for chakra usage
  • When and how to use the third Chakra
  • Empowerment, Navel Fire
  • Breaking through conditioned limits to your personal power
  • Q&A

SESSION 3: Heart Connection and Voice

  • Your heart center as your relational center
  • Understanding love energetically
  • When and how to utilize the fourth Chakra Empowerment, Heart Star
  • How your heart chakra fits into your feminine energy body
  • Focus on fertility, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, and post-partum energy shifts
  • Surfacing and healing relationship patterns stemming from sexual trauma
  • Understanding your throat chakra in relation to true communication
  • Over vs. under talking, people-pleasing, and other throat center blocks
  • When and how to utilize the fifth Chakra Empowerment, Throat Matrix
  • Liberating yourself from secrecy and speaking your truth
  • Q&A

SESSION 4: Your Second Sight and Life’s Purpose

  • Intuition, imagination, insight, and your sixth chakra
  • What blocks your true vision
  • Grounding and letting go
  • Focus on parent-child energy lines (from both sides)
  • When and how to use the sixth Chakra Empowerment, Third Eye
  • Healing trauma-based disassociation patterns
  • Understanding your crown chakra
  • Faith, spirituality, and life purpose
  • When and how to use the seventh Chakra Empowerment, Crown Connection
  • Rebuilding self-faith after trauma or disillusionment
  • Q&A

SESSION 5: Boundaries and Relationships

  • What are energetic boundaries really?
  • How your feminine cycles impact your energetic body
  • When and how to use the eighth Chakra Empowerment, Second Skin
  • Reclaiming your right to energetic boundaries
  • Energy lines vs. boundaries
  • How to cut, clear or empower energy lines through the ninth Chakra Empowerment, Web of Light
  • Self-care of your energy body
  • Understanding karmic release
  • Performing a full energy line and boundary review and transformation
  • Q&A

SESSION 6: Self-healing and Your Feminine Power Cycles

  • Activating your self-healing capacities
  • When and how to use the tenth Chakra Empowerment, Healing Rays
  • Knowing your limits with others
  • Building your somatic awareness (and why you should)
  • Your feminine power as sacred power
  • When and how to use the eleventh Chakra Empowerment, Feminine Pathway
  • Masculine/feminine, yin/yang, and sacred sexuality
  • Focus on perimenopause, menopause, or hysterectomy energetically
  • Owning your feminine power in any phase of life
  • Q&A

SESSION 7: Your True Colors and Manifesting

  • Manifesting vs. co-creating
  • Your chakras and co-creating
  • Redefining abundance
  • Utilizing the twelfth chakra tool, Rainbow Abundance
  • Rewriting your story
  • Putting all twelve tools in context
  • Understanding your energy within the larger world energy matrix
  • Final questions and sharings!!

Unlock the Secrets of Your Feminine Energy Body

Next Start November 5th, 2023

Participate from anywhere in the world.
Only $109! Don’t miss out!

Lisa Erickson has created an insight-filled, empowering, and accessible guide to learning about feminine energetics. Her systematic, step-by-step approach effectively guides the reader toward sensing, healing, and wisely utilizing her own energetic system. What a gift!

– Robin King, Author of Joy’s Edge: Transforming Your Life Through Mindfulness, Wisdom and Compassion

P.S. - a final note from Lisa

At this unique time in history when women are reclaiming their power through the #MeToo movement, the Women’s Marches, unprecedented numbers of women running for elected office, and more — this groundbreaking work offers practical tools to do so at an energetic level.

As a teacher who has dedicated her life to pioneering a new understanding of Women’s Energetics and an Energy Worker specializing in sexual trauma survivors, this work is so close to my heart…

…And I also know it’s needed now more than ever.

As early waves of feminism were focused on women’s access to patriarchal power structures they had been excluded from, women fought for their right to access masculine energies.

But now, understanding and embracing the unique qualities of our feminine energy bodies allows us to claim our power in a new way.

We’ve carried the weight of these rapidly changing times in many ways — and it shows up as energetic overwhelm, stress, anxiety, compassion fatigue, and taking responsibility for the problems and emotions of others.

This has to change.

And it starts with empowering yourself from the inside out, knowing that you have the tools and practices to do so at any moment.

Be part of the massive masculine/feminine rebalancing going on in the world today.

Join Chakra Empowerment For Women.

Own your power. Fulfill your purpose.