Please find below links to Lisa guiding each activation process as featured in the book. Note that before you begin you will want to have done/do the following:

  • Review the guidelines relevant to all of the Activation processes featured in the Root Bowl chapter, and adapt them according to what is relevant to you.
  • Gaze the color image provided in the book relating to the activation you are working with.
  • Have the affirmations from the book and any ‘When You Have Felt This Before’ memories handy.
  • Complete any specific prep work related to any of the individual activations, as outlined in the book. Each of these recordings is 5-7 minutes long, suitable for the ‘learning’ stage of the activation process. You may want to pause the recording in places to spend more time in one section or another. Each of us is different in what works for us best, so please honor this. Once you have developed your ‘snapshot memory’ in the last step of each activation, you will be able to bypass this process and activate your chakra energy instantly.

You may stream or download these. The method to download will vary by computer, browsers and video/audio players – try ‘Save As’ or right click on the player to see your download options.

Root Bowl Activation

Sacral Lotus Activation

Navel Fire Activation

Heart Star Activation

Throat Matrix Activation

Third Eye Activation

Crown Connection Activation

Second Skin Activation

Web Of Light (one of each type)

Healing Rays Activation

Feminine Pathway Activation (upward version)

Rainbow Abundance Activation