Q: I am not a good visualizer, will this work for me?
A: Absolutely. Gaze the visualization and imagine it mirrored in your own body for a minute or so before beginning the activation process, and then if you don’t want to work with the visual during the process, focus instead on the memories, affirmations, and/or feeling in your body. All of these are ‘hooks’ to help you connect with the energy and state of awareness associated with the Empowerment, and we all have different ‘doorways’. Emphasize the approach that works the best for you. Remember the ultimate goal is to feel the energy in your body, and be able to bring it forth in a daily situation at will. The goal is not to be able to hold a perfect visual in your mind – the visual is just a tool. Trust yourself.

Q: I just want to learn one or two Chakra Empowerment activations, is that okay?
A: Yes. Working with all of the Empowerments in sequence is a powerful transformational tool, and provides you with a full energetic toolset for life. But it’s perfectly OK to pick out one or two that you feel you need to focus on.

Q: I am under the treatment of a mental health professional, are these practices safe for me?
A: Generally yes, but it’s always wise to discuss practices such as these with any mental health professional you are working with. If something feels uncomfortable or overwhelming, stop and experiment with modifications or try another day. Always honor your feelings. These are tools for your own personal empowerment, and only you know what is working for you – and what is not.

Q. I am a sexual trauma survivor and have been triggered by contemplative and meditative practices in the past. Are these Empowerments safe for me?

A. Every trauma survivor is different and the most important thing is that you honor your own feelings. But in Lisa’s client experience she has found that many trauma survivors who have found other contemplative practices problematic prefer chakra work. The mind is kept occupied with visualization, affirmations, etc. which helps in shifting attention rather than opening it in a way that can cause triggering memories to arise unsought. Try the Empowerments for short periods of time in a safe, nurturing setting, adapt them as you feel you need to, and always know that you can stop when you like. Additional resources are available on the book list.

Q: Can I do the practices lying down?
A: Yes, though most are often best experienced sitting up so that the spine is aligned and it’s easier to maintain an alert, focused mind. But it is perfectly OK to try them lying down, especially if you have difficulty sitting without pain.

Q: Can you explain more about the snapshot memory?
A: Everything we experience has the potential to become imprinted in our brain as a memory, and research shows that this most often happens when an emotion is involved. The different chakras each have particular emotions associated with them, although some are more abstract and vibrational in nature than we might usually consider emotions to be. Through the activation training process you are seeking to imprint the end-state – how you feel energetically, emotionally, and mentally in your body (really your entire state of awareness) at the end of the process – into your memory. Then through a quick flash on that memory you can quickly trigger the entire shift in your being in an instant that originally took 5-7 minutes. It does take some time to get there – but you will! And when you do you will have a powerful energetic toolset at your disposal.

Q. I already meditate and/or meditate on the chakras. Can I combine these Empowerments with my meditation practice?

A. Certainly. Activating one or more of the Empowerments at the end of your meditation may be very helpful (or as noted in the book, some Empowerments may be helpful to activate before meditation – Third Eye and Crown Connection in particular.) The activation processes are not themselves chakra meditations, because in chakra meditations the purpose is to use the chakra as a doorway to go into the spiritual plane available there, while with the activations we are seeking to magnify the vibration of a chakra’s energy in our mind and body. The chakras are like doorways and we can go either direction through them. The purpose of these Empowerments is to help you learn to bring forth the chakra energy you need in your daily life when you need it. They are great to combine with chakra or kundalini meditation however.

Q: These chakra mappings are different than I am used to, do I have to use these locations?
A: There are multiple chakra mappings, and as explained in the book, the primary differences between systems are in the lower chakras. The placements in this book are usually the most helpful for women, so give it some time and try them out. If they really aren’t working for you after doing that, then feel free to experiment with other physical focal points and adapt the visuals and activation processes accordingly.

Q. I identify as bi, trans, pangender, demigender,  or other – will the Empowerments in this book be relevant to me?

A. Try them and see if they feel helpful. Lisa’s client experience indicates that those who identify as female will generally find the chakra mappings she uses in this book relevant, but energy sensations are highly personal and others may relate to these mappings as well. Referring to them as Chakra Empowerments for Women is not meant to be exclusive but rather to help redress an imbalance in chakra teachings which have generally represented mappings more relevant to the male physical and subtle body as relevant to all. In this sense, the Empowerments are part of a rebalancing – and for anyone addressing this rebalancing on their own terms.

Q: Are these Chakra Empowerments relevant to men?
A: Yes, they can be. Many of the visuals and activations themselves are just as relevant to men, but the patterns, conditioning, cycles, and phases described in the book are generally not (although of course there are many variations in energy mappings.)  Men can certainly try any of the Chakra Empowerments, and if they find them helpful, then great!

Q: Are these Chakra Empowerments safe for children?
A: Children often love to experiment with chakra visualizations and exercises, and it’s perfectly safe to allow them to do so. Depending on the age their attention span may not be up to the full activation process, and of course the stories and descriptions are designed for adult women, but children can certainly try any activation if they wish, as long as they are permitted to stop at any time if they don’t feel comfortable for any reason.

Q: Where can I find more information on Lisa’s work?
A: Lisa’s blog contains many articles she’s written over the years on the topics of this book. She has a DailyOM course that focuses on developing the second chakra and feminine pathway. She frequently runs teleseminars and offers private sessions. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for chakra tips posts. Follow her on Amazon and Goodreads for special Author Q&As and giveaways.