Eleventh Chakra Meditation – Exploring Mudras

The eleventh chakra in the 12-chakra mapping I am using in this chakra meditation series is centered in the parts of our body most directly connected to our movement and action in the world – our hands and our feet. Although we often speak of each chakra as an individual point in the body, they are really each an energy field centered in one or more physical points, and functioning as an interface between our physical body, our energy body, our spirit, and the world. The focal points of the eleventh chakra include the energy centers in the palms of both our hands and both our feet.

Our eleventh chakra, through both our hand and feet energy centers, is our primary means for sensing and conducting energies in the world. Just as our hands are the focal point for our sense of touch, so our palm centers function as energetic sensors. Just as we use our hands for so many critical activities throughout our day, and our finger dexterity is part of what distinguishes us as human, so our palm energy centers are also unique, and enable us to act on the subtle planes. Just as our feet move us through the world and allow us to dance and play on the earth, so too do our sole centers enable us to engage in sacred movement and dance that is not only physical.

One of the more recognized functions of the palm centers is as a conduit for energy healing. Throughout history, traditions around the world have recognized the sensing and healing capabilities of the palm energy centers, and in recent decades one of these traditions, reiki, has taken off worldwide. The most recognized form of energy movement employing the foot centers is something we may not usually think of as an energetic activity – sacred dance. From Native American rain dances, to sacred Hindu natya dance, to traditional Egyptian belly dancing, the feet centers form the foundation for the profound shifts in awareness and magic possible through these rituals.

However, we all utilize our eleventh chakra in other ways, often without realizing it. You may have felt the profound connection – beyond simply the physical – that the simple act of holding hands with someone can trigger. You may also have had the experience of truly feeling the earth beneath your bare feet, and knowing that you are connecting with something beyond the dirt and grass. Mind-body modalities such as the martial arts, tai chi, and yoga also employ the hands and feet in powerful ways that utilize the subtle body beyond the physical.

The question often arises as to how the eleventh chakra functions in people who are missing hands or feet. Unlike with the other physical body chakras, all of which are located along the spine, it is possible to live without our hands or feet. Just as individuals without one or more appendages adapt to fulfill many functions using their other appendages, or even tools controlled through their mouth or eyes, so on the energy planes it is also possible to engage the core conducting abilities of the eleventh chakra through other means. Humans are infinitely adaptable, on both the physical and energetic level, and chakra mappings are just that – maps, or guides, for looking at energies; individuals are much more dynamic than any single energy map can capture.

From a meditation standpoint (the focus of this article series), mudras are the most obvious example of eleventh chakra meditation. Mudras are sacred hand positions that help us awaken and channel specific energies and states of awareness. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different mudras taught in the yoga and meditative traditions of the world. In reality, mudra meditation does not only involve our eleventh chakra, but also the chakras associated with whatever energies are represented by each mudra. In mudra meditation, we are connecting with a particular energy or awareness through our physical body – the hand position and our awareness work together to conduct this energy in our subtle body.

The following is a list of chakra mudras that are simple to learn and that form the basis for the guided meditation mp3 below:

Seventh/Crown Chakra Mudra
Hands reaching slightly open towards the sky, and held just above the crown of the head, connecting spirit, mind, and the physical body.

Sixth/Third Eye Chakra Mudra
Index and thumbs from each hand joined forming a diamond held with the thumb just in front of the third eye; other fingers are joined at the knuckles.

Fifth/Throat Chakra Mudra
Fingers stacked and thumbs joined to form a circle; held in the lap or turned over and held in front of the throat.

Fourth/Heart Chakra Mudra
Thumb, second and third fingers of the right hand joined together, others gently relaxed, held at the heart.

Third/Navel Chakra Mudra
Fingers joined as if in prayer hands, but thumbs stacked and palms just slightly apart; facing outwards with wrists directly in front of navel.

Second/Sacral Chakra Mudra
Hands stacked, thumbs gently joined atop them; held on lap at pelvic height.

First/Root Chakra Mudra
Thumb and index finger joined on each hand, held on knees or out to side, slightly up.

In the following meditation, we will move through these mudras from root to crown, experiencing both the energy of the associated chakra, and the power of the palm aspect of the eleventh chakra, as we use our hands to help us open and conduct these energies. Enjoy!