Twelfth Chakra Meditation – YOU as a Chakra

I am completing my 12 chakra meditation series this month. If you’ve been following every month, we’ve moved from the core 7 in-body chakras, to 3 out of body chakras, and then back into the body with the hands and feet last month, which compose our eleventh chakra. Now we come to the pinnacle of this chakra mapping, the twelfth chakra, or what I like to think of as YOU as a chakra.

What is a chakra? It’s an intersection of mind, body, and spirit. It’s a nexus within our being that both receives and emanates a certain type of energy. It’s a data repository, storing the residue of our experiences energetically as both lessons and wounds – essentially, karmas. It’s a portal into a certain gradient of light or Source, a portal we can travel through to know ourselves as so much more than this physical self. Our chakras are all of these things and more.

When all of these layers are considered together, overlaid one atop the other like sheets on an overhead projector, the result is a unique refraction of light and awareness. Each of us is a wholly unique expression of physicality, emotions, mind, and spirit, and our chakra body is the link between these layers. Although we can create energy body maps, and define the location of each chakra, in truth these are just general guides, while we are each specific differing manifestation. Just as we all share the same physical anatomy yet look entirely different from one another, so at the subtle body level we are each our own refraction of light, our own unique expression of Source.

This expression is the twelfth chakra, or you might say it is you as the twelfth chakra – a chakra both receiving and emanating from and into the world. From an energy medicine perspective, there are many other components to the twelfth chakra – smaller chakras and energy channels that compose our greater energy body. But from a spiritual perspective, connecting with your twelfth chakra is about truly experiencing yourself as a unique refraction of light – as a crystal chiseled in a pattern that can never be replicated.

Recognizing this uniqueness is not a grasping of self, or arrogance. We are not talking about recognizing your talents or accomplishments, or your unique physical look or characteristics. We are talking about connecting to the light of awareness – what I call the clear light of reality – in such a deep way that it comes through you. You experience yourself as a conduit for light and awareness. It comes through you pure and clear, and you let go and allow it to flow.

In the following meditation, this final one for Meditate Like a Girl, you will first settle into this light, allowing yourself to let go and dissolve. Then you will rotate through all 12 chakras, awakening the doorway to this light found at the core of each. Finally, you will settle back into this light, and experience yourself as an emanating field. This is a full 20 minute sitting meditation, although you can just do portions of it if you like. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, and may you continue to deepen in both joy and love.